How should the bedroom sofa be placed?

  1. Symmetrical pendulum

With the bed as the center, the head of the bed is against the wall, and a large cabinet and a chest of drawers are placed on the left and right sides of the bed; at the other end of the bed, a dining table and a writing desk are placed on the left and right sides. In this way, the left and right sides of the cabinet with the bed as the center are symmetrical with the cabinet, and the table and the table are symmetrical. It looks spacious, neat and simple.

  1. Grouping into pendulum method

According to different use requirements, the furniture is divided into several groups for display. The bedside and one side of the bed are close to the wall, and the bedside cabinet is placed side by side with the bedside as a sleeping furniture group; a dining table is placed in the middle, and a chair is placed on each side of the table as a meeting and dining furniture group. This arrangement is clear and easy to use.

  1. Place a sofa in the bedroom

Sofas are used for daily sitting up and meeting guests. Single sofas are generally used in pairs, and a small coffee table is placed in the middle for smoking sets and teacups. A rectangular coffee table should be placed in front of the double or three-person sofa. The sofa should be placed near the window or under the lighting fixture, so that the whole room can be seen from the position of the sofa and feel bright. At the same time, since the position of the sofa has the most opportunities to view the entire room, special attention should be paid to the beauty of the layout, and the side of the furniture or the edge of the bed should not face the sofa as much as possible.

  1. Place the bed cleverly in the room

The most important thing in a bedroom is the bed. The arrangement of the bed plays a decisive role in the atmosphere of the bedroom. According to the research results of experts, it is believed that no matter where a bed is placed, the position of the pillow should be just in the middle of the two windows, because that place is particularly ventilated. If the room has two windows, one facing east and the other facing south, the headboard of the bed should be selected near the center of the room, which happens to be the intersection of the two southeast windows. The distance between the bed and the window is better than 30 cm.

It is completely feasible and a very good choice to place a sofa in the bedroom. The sofa placed in the bedroom is more comfortable and warmer. The bedroom is a place to rest, so it can make us feel more relaxed.

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