What Is Room and Board Meaning?

room and board meaning

When a student heads off to college, room and board is one of the major costs they’ll face. For students, that means a roof over their head and food in their bellies. Whether or not room and board counts toward the cost of tuition can vary from school to school, so it’s important for parents and students to understand the definition of room and board and how it might impact their college costs.

The term “room and board” means that a student will be provided with both lodging and food on a regular basis, usually in a dormitory-style setting. The lodging component of this arrangement refers to the campus dorm where the student will be housed; depending on the school, this can either be a private room or a shared room with a roommate. The food aspect of room and board typically consists of a meal plan, which gives the student access to on-campus dining options (including cafeterias, buffets and more) that are included in their room and board rate.

Some colleges require freshmen to live on campus, at least their freshman year, in order to help them get acclimated to the college environment and socialize with other students. Others allow students to commute or live off-campus, but many will still include the cost of room and board in their student’s overall costs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some colleges even offered refunds on student account fees to help students who were sent home as a result of the epidemic.

If you’re considering a school that offers room and board, it is essential to research the average cost of living in that area of the country. The housing costs will depend on whether the college is located in a big city with higher prices or if it’s in a smaller town with lower rental rates. The same goes for food prices; if the college is in New York, for example, your student will likely pay more for rent and food than they would if they were going to a university in Ohio.

Most schools list the price of room and board right on their websites, so it’s easy to learn what this significant expense will be before you enroll your student. The school’s website will also provide information on what to expect in terms of tuition, other major college costs and financial aid.

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