2022 Black Friday Discount Roundup Picks

This year’s Black Friday is November 25th and Cyber ​​Monday is November 28th. Since the end of October, major merchants have successively released Black Friday advertisements, and some activities have already started in early November.

2022 Black Friday Discount Picks

At present, many merchants such as Costco, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Target, Belk have released Black Friday posters, and we have sorted them out; Amazon has no posters, but the king of e-commerce also has a lot of Black Friday discounts, and we also have daily selections; Best Buy There are also no posters, but there are “Black Friday Deals” every day throughout November, especially on consumer electronics such as TVs, laptops, headphones, TV sticks, cameras, and more. Below is a list of more high-quality businesses with Black Friday posters, as well as no advertisements, but there will be Black Friday events.

This part is based on the selected discounts organized by the Black Friday posters of major merchants. You can use the “Search” function to search (you can only use one keyword at a time), such as searching for Costco, Macy’s, or “TV”, “Headphones”, “KitchenAid” “, “Dyson”, “Apple”, etc.

common problem

Q: What are the most worthwhile products to sell during Black Friday?

A: According to previous experience, the most worthwhile things to buy on Black Friday are TVs, gamepads, notebooks, Apple products (especially iPads, Black Friday is the best time of year), electrical appliances, smart homes, small kitchen appliances, Electronic products such as headphones, game consoles, wearable devices, and sneakers that many people don’t know about.

Black Friday events for clothing, beauty, jewelry, etc. tend to be nothing special. Clothing usually starts from 20% off, and gradually 30% off and 40% off, but the size will be less and less, and S/M may be sold out at 40% off, so a trade-off must be realized. Students who wear a special small or large size can gamble to get a good discount. There is no need to grab bags on Black Friday, there are discounts from time to time throughout the year. Beauty doesn’t need to be snapped up on Black Friday, there are often other promotions, such as Sephora’s 20% off membership day. There are not many discounts on maternal and child products that are just needed, but you can pay attention to the car seat.

Q: When is Black Friday in 2022?

Black Friday Deals” have started at the end of October.

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