The latest popular travel bag recommendation in 2022

For overseas travel or short-day domestic travel, travel bags can be said to be an indispensable must-have bag. However, the market is filled with a dazzling array of products of the same nature, with different materials, sizes, and additional functions. If you choose only by appearance, it is easy to buy unsuitable styles.

This article will explain the characteristics and timing of use of travel bags of different materials, as well as summarize several points worthy of attention, to help readers grasp the direction of consumption smoothly. In the second half of the article, I will also recommend 10 popular products including agnes b., TRAVELON, satana and other well-known brands, portable, shoulder, back, foldable storage, all styles, whether on business or leisure travel, I believe you can get it from Shopping Inspiration.

1.ab heart parallel bars stripe travel Boston bag

Both fashion sense and good discount

The Boston bag-shaped travel bag can be said to be the most fashionable design. The versatile gray line and the blue striped handle are very suitable for business trips and leisure travel. In addition to the sufficient capacity of this model, the number of inner and outer pockets is also abundant; plus the fabric used is lighter and softer, it will not be too inconvenient to fold it up for storage at any time.

In addition to being portable, because the handle is long enough to be used as a shoulder bag, it is fashionable no matter how you carry it. It’s just that the price of this product is relatively high. If you feel that the dust will make you feel uncomfortable, it may not be suitable for use as a travel bag.

2.US DUCK nylon trolley travel bag

This drag luggage can be used as a carry-on case, with a large capacity for small trips of three days and two nights. The interior is designed like a small suitcase, with adjustable luggage straps, so that clothes will not be cluttered because they are moved by dragging. The design with the rollers greatly reduces the burden on the hands, which is quite useful when purchasing items while playing.

The bright and colorful appearance is quite eye-catching, and it is easier to identify when traveling in groups. In addition, the material is light and washable. It is highly recommended for users who often travel abroad. However, this luggage bag is designed with double rollers, which is not as easy as a suitcase. It is necessary to tilt the travel bag to a certain angle to be better for dragging. Be careful when using it.

  1. JMALL multifunctional storage travel bag

Lightweight and stylish multifunctional canvas bag, the bottom layer can be expanded and folded

The appearance is stylish and simple, and there are 4 colors to choose from. Both men and women can find their favorite colors and travel happily with it. The overall use of sturdy and wear-resistant canvas material, the back is attached with a special fixed bag for the trolley, which is convenient for use with luggage. A detachable small storage bag is thoughtfully designed inside, which can be used to store various small items or use it as a cosmetic bag, which is quite versatile.

There is also a mesh mezzanine, which is very suitable for storing necessary items such as charging cables and folding umbrellas. If you feel that the main bag is not enough, the expandable storage space below can also be used to store worn clothes or shoes, which is far more useful than imagined. If you really want to be picky, not being waterproof is a small insufficiency.

4.NEW STAR Extra Large Capacity Travel Bag

Best choice for long multi-day trips

If you’re looking for a practical, high-capacity travel bag on a budget, don’t miss out on this bestseller made from heavy-duty nylon. The appearance is simple and plain design, which is good for matching clothes. It is also suitable for leisure travel and business trips. Not only has the water-repellent function, but there are 5 storage pockets available inside and outside. With the large opening design, a large amount of clothes can be easily put in at one time, making it more convenient to organize luggage.

The handle part is widened, which can increase the comfort of carrying. In addition, it can be folded and stored when not in use, so there is no need to worry about taking up space.

5.TRAVELON mouth gold anti-theft travel bag

From the brand with the most anti-theft function in the United States

There are a variety of situations that are often encountered when traveling, and one of the most frustrating is the theft of luggage. TRAVELON perfectly presents the anti-theft technology on various bags. This travel bag has a cut-resistant steel wire, which forms a strong protective net through cross-weaving, which can prevent pickpockets from cutting and stealing property; and in the face of intelligent crime There is also an RFID zipper layer in which various chip tickets such as credit cards can be placed.

If you think this is not stable enough, the zipper interlayer outside the bag body is also equipped with an anti-theft zipper lock design, and the overall security is not leaking. The unique gold-style opening design allows you to view the contents of the bag at a glance after opening, and you can use the abundant storage pockets inside to make your luggage more organized.

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