Whole house lighting – a complete guide to restaurant lighting arrangements

  1. Restaurant lighting layout reference and scene requirements

Compared with other spaces, the arrangement of lamps in the dining room is relatively simple.

The core of restaurant lighting is the table, and other light sources should serve the table. In other words, the center of gravity of the lighting is on the table, and the illumination of the table should be significantly higher than the surrounding.

The benefits of doing this:

Avoid the overall space brightness is too high, and lose the sense of hierarchy and atmosphere, the light of the space becomes turbid and rigid.
If the brightness above the dining table is not as high as the surrounding illumination, it is easy to form a visual contrast, and even if the illumination is high, the desktop is still not bright enough.
The delicacies are more appetizing under the rendering of light.
Restaurant lighting also needs to meet the needs of different scenarios. From a functional point of view, the routine lighting scenarios in restaurants include: daily dining, atmospheric dining, party dining, and cleaning. The lighting needs are different in each scene, and you need to match them appropriately according to your own situation.

The main lighting positions of the restaurant are: ceiling, above the dining table, wall, sideboard.

  1. Recommendations on the power and color temperature of lamps in different restaurants
    In terms of illuminance, with the luminous efficiency of the mainstream LEDs on the market at 70-80lm/W, the power required per square is roughly as follows:

a. Usually the desktop of about 1.6 needs about 30W of flood lighting, and the space other than the dining table is expected to need 5-6W/square.

b. Hidden light sources (light strips, etc.) for basic lighting

Because the light utilization rate of the hidden light source is very low, it is recommended that according to the above light source ratio * 2-3 times, it is usually appropriate to use the hidden light source for ambient lighting of about 6 watts per meter.

c. Use spotlights as basic lighting

Although it is not recommended to use spotlights for basic lighting Zmius, there are always people who like it. It is recommended to use spotlights with large angles, such as 30° and 36°. The power is more appropriate according to the above recommendations * 1.5-2 times.

d. Use chandeliers as basic lighting, according to the actual light transmittance of the lampshade.

If it is a lampshade such as crystal, glass, acrylic, etc., according to the above light source ratio,
If it is a lampshade with low light transmittance such as marble and jade, the power is recommended to be above 2.
This is not a fixed number. Everyone has different preferences for light intensity. It has to be viewed according to the actual decoration, such as some dark decorations. Because dark materials absorb light, the power should be appropriately increased. The above suggestions can be used as a reference. Adjustments can be made according to the actual situation.

Color temperature suggestion:

The restaurant lighting is recommended to use 2700-3000k, (lights with color temperature adjustment function are determined on demand), and you can choose according to the decoration style and personal preference.

  1. Desktop lighting

Even if there is no main light in the whole house, it is recommended to use the main light above the dining table, and it is strongly recommended to use the main light with a down-light source above the dining table. As for the reason, it has been explained in the “first major point”.

It is advisable to install down-lighting lamps about 65-80 degrees higher than the table top (adjust appropriately according to the type of lamps and personal habits).

In this way, the light basically falls on the table, and the contrast of light and dark can create a certain dining atmosphere, and the food will also make you more appetizing under the rendering of the light.

This height can also effectively reduce the glare problem.

Don’t worry about bumping into each other, because the lamp is in the middle of the dining table, even if a person with a height of 1.75M stands and leans to the center of the dining table, they will not be able to touch it.

If the lamp is installed too high, in addition to the poor light experience, the coordination of the overall space will also be very bad, it feels like there is no neck, and the head is directly on the shoulders.

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