Furniture Color Trends for 2023

furniture color trends

Whether you’re looking to refresh your interiors or just want to make a statement with some new pieces, furniture color trends can help to define your design. With these 2023 colors in mind, you can easily re-energize your space and create the home of your dreams!

Brown Is Back

While this color has been a favorite for many years, this year it’s getting a fresh, sophisticated twist. A rich and earthy tone, this color will add depth to any space and will work beautifully with patterned fabrics or linens. If you’re looking to get your hands on the perfect brown, look for a mid-century inspired style of sofa or chair.

Reds are a classic but are also a reimagined in this color trend. If you’re looking for a bolder take on this popular hue, try using it with neutrals to give the room some opulence. Pair a deep red accent piece with a soft neutral for a cohesive and modern look that’s sure to impress.

Yellows are also making a comeback this year, with shades such as tangerines, baby pinks and pale purples taking center stage in many homes. These uplifting colors are sure to brighten up any space, and they can be paired with black for a dramatic effect.

Bubblegum Pink is also making a big splash this year. For a fun and colorful look, add one of these bright pinks to your furniture in small doses, such as throw pillows or accessories.

Neutrals reign in 2021

This is the year that warm neutrals are king, with bright white and sad gray tones being thrown out of sight. These warm, soft tones are an ideal way to ground your space and allow it to reflect your personal preferences.

Blue Is Comfortable And Soothing

After 9/11, Americans turned to soothing, blue tones as a means of peace. This color is a natural choice for a quiet, relaxing space, and it’s also an excellent choice if you have children or pets in the home.

Unlike some of the bolder colors in this list, blue is a gentler color that doesn’t have the negative connotations that other bright hues can carry. The color is also a good choice for spaces that are prone to stress, such as offices and bedrooms.

Green Is Calming And Versatile

This year, we’re seeing more interesting greens in the furniture world, such as sage or chartreuse. These shades can be paired with almost any other color scheme and are an easy way to create a cozy, inviting feel.

Stained Woods are a Great Trend This Year

If you’re going for a clean and calm look this year, consider using naturally stained woods in your design. These woods are often crafted from reclaimed and recycled wood, and they can be very natural and elegant looking.

These woods are also great options if you’re looking to add an element of rustic charm into your space. These woods can also be a great complement to dark accent colors, such as gray or brown.

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