Add Elegance to Your Decor With a Gold Wall Lamp

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Gold is a classic, elegant color that works with any decor style. A gold wall lamp is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any space in your home. Browse west elm’s gold lamp selection to find a range of stylish designs to match your current decor or make a statement all on their own.

The best thing about a gold wall lamp is that it can easily match any existing metal decor pieces you have in your home. If you want to get creative with your lighting, try a gold wall sconce to dress up a corridor, stairwell or bedroom with its dramatic glow.

Our collection of gold lamp styles includes a variety of looks that will work with your modern, transitional and vintage decor. Shop today to discover the right piece for your space.

Wall Sconces & Pendant Lights

The wall sconce is a simple and timeless piece that can easily elevate your lighting setup. The perfect addition to a dining room or bedroom, this gold-plated sconce has an antique finish that makes it feel luxurious and elegant.

Pair the sconce with a matching chandelier to create a stunning focal point in your space, or go for a minimalist design that lets the light shine through. A gold sconce is also a great option for decorating your kitchen or bar because it can stand alone on its own and not take over the entire look of your space. Priys

Table lamps are a beautiful way to add texture and depth to a space. The most popular gold lamp options include models that feature glass shades and a fabric shade. If you’re looking for a more minimal approach, a gold table lamp with a wooden base is an excellent choice.

Our range of gold table lamps offers a variety of designs to match your decor, from sleek metal pieces to more traditional silhouettes. Some of our gold table lamps even come with an adjustable base to allow you to customize your look.

A gold criss-cross lamp base is a chic addition to a contemporary or southwestern bedroom. The gold base is topped with a crisp white structured drum shade to add texture and interest to your space.

Vellum Sconce is inspired by the beauty of vellum, which was used in ancient manuscripts to express written messages and stories. It brings to your space the warm light of the words that have been passed down through generations.

This sconce will give your living room an enchanting glow and make it more interesting with its stunning design. The hammered brass frame features a delicate gold-toned finish to make it feel regal and rich, and the frosted glass shade provides a soft light.

Hendrix Sconce is the perfect modern light fixture to add an avant-garde and sophisticated look to any interior. Its round shape was inspired by a golden vinyl player, and it showcases a sleek design that will work well in your interior design. This mid-century modern sconce is 100% handmade in brass and features gold plated finishes that will add a unique look to your home.

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