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Norman Copenhagen is one of the premier designers in the world today. His award winning products include the Form, Era, and Shorebird chairs.

Form chair

Designed by Simon Legald, Form is a modern chair that combines a number of design features. It has a distinctive cup system that provides a comfortable seating experience, while a unique seat design features a molded plastic seat. It has also been designed to be durable and easy to clean.

Its minimalistic design and sturdy construction make it a popular choice for offices, conference rooms, and homes alike. It is available in six different shell colors. Its wooden legs follow the EU Timber regulation, which means that they are made of sustainable forestry.

The Form Chair has a number of features that make it one of the best pieces of furniture that you can purchase. It has a clean and simple design, while a walnut, oak, or powder-coated steel frame gives it a contemporary look. Its unique cup system provides a smooth transition between the seat and the frame. It also has a pair of plastic glides that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Era Lounge Chair

Designed by Danish designer Simon Legald, Era Lounge Chair Low by Normann Copenhagen features a modern, slim design. Its low backrest and wide molded cushioning adds to its comfort and functionality. Era is available in a number of different variations, including two lovely wool textiles. It is also available in soft leather in a variety of colours.

The Era lounge chair is designed to fit any interior. It is available in a range of materials, including soft leather, silky leather and leather upholstery. You can also choose from various colours, including walnut, black lacquered steel and oak legs. It also features a chrome frame. It is available in a low version, which has a smaller visual impact, and a high version. It is also available with a footstool. It is perfect for those who live in a smaller space and need a chair that is comfortable and durable.

Block Table

Designed by Danish designer Simon Legald, the Block Table is a cleverly crafted piece of furniture that makes use of ash wood and painted steel trays to achieve a look that’s as good as it is functional. It’s a mobile side table on wheels that is perfect for the kitchen or dining room. It’s also an ideal bedside table, serving trolley and bar cart. It’s not only easy to assemble but it’s also a good way to store books or drinks.

The Block Table is made from steel and rubber wheels that turn 360 degrees, allowing the table to move around in a variety of different directions. It also features a load capacity of 10 kilograms. The table also features a small load-capacity tray, and two painted steel shelves that look good on their own.

Ironic Shorebird

Designed by Sigurjon Palsson, the man who made the sultans a thing or two, this large scaled solid wood bauble is the trifecta of good looks. The brainchild of one man, this high octane beast resides in a bespoke box, the most elegant of all the rest. It is the kind of thing you can’t wait to show off to friends and family. The only catch is you will have to be patient to take it home. It is the kind of thing you’ll be proud to have ensconced in your own personal trophy room. And the best part is, no one will suspect that it is you. You will be the envy of the family. And what better way to display your collection than by placing it on display in a glass encased display?

Award-winning products

Founded by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen in 1999, Norman Copenhagen is a Danish design brand that creates simple, contemporary furniture and home accessories. The company challenges conventional design rules to create original products.

The design company’s products are designed to be easy to use, durable and sustainable. Normann Copenhagen has been credited with 80 design awards since its launch. It has also launched a wide range of award-winning furniture and home accessories.

The company has partnered with a number of design names around the world to create innovative designs. One of its first collaborations was with German studio Ding 3000, which designed the Rainbow Trivet for Normann Copenhagen. This item also won a prestigious red dot award.

The brand has expanded to include furniture, lighting and textiles. Among their most recent creations is a component-based chair. The Norm 69 lamp is a modern design classic. It was designed to be easy to assemble, and is sold as a set of two. It features a matte black exterior with polished metallic tones.

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